Unicorns, horned creatures full of magic

Unicorns, horned creatures full of magic

Unicorns are fantastic animals that are still material of many legends and mysteries. They are unique and very special creatures that are in the spotlight these days, that’s why we want to tell you everything we know about them!

What are unicorns?

Unicorns are horse-like animals, but with a very characteristic feature: a large, pointed, usually spiral-shaped horn protruding from its forehead. According to some popular culture legends, they were creatures from Indian lands and were defined as wild, very strong and very difficult to catch and tame.

Their horn was said to be magical and had great healing properties, to the point of curing deadly diseases, allowing to attain eternal youth, or making poisoned water drinkable!

How to hunt a unicorn 

In the past, unicorns were thought to have so much magic that they were very difficult to observe. This is the reason why very few people were lucky enough to see them in their natural state and it was believed that only those with a pure and good heart could do so, since they were qualities that attracted these animals.

The stories of the Middle Ages tell that many hunters wanted to capture these enigmatic creatures to take advantage of the magical properties of their horns, but they did not succeed because unicorns were only seen by good people who had a pure heart.

Some believe that only a young girl sitting quietly under a tree could attract a unicorn and make her fall asleep with her head on her lap. At this point the hunter took center stage, who had to capture it. 

How are they represented?

Throughout history, unicorns have been portrayed in very different ways. Aside from the characteristic feature of the horn and its strong hooves, this extremely wild forest creature has sometimes been drawn as a horse, as a goat, or even with a beard.

A Roman naturalist described them as “fierce, horse-like beasts with a deer head, elephant legs, wild boar tail, deep, roaring voice, and a white two-elbow-long horn in the middle of the forehead”.

Over time, unicorns have been the protagonists of many fantastic stories and legends. One of the most recent mentions is in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, where some characters drink their silver blood to prolong their lives. 

The ELIS ELIS unicorns

The unicorn continues to play a very important role in popular culture. They are often used as a symbol of fantasy, rarity, purity, strength and kindness. At ELIS ELIS, we wanted to pay homage to these extraordinary creatures, which is why we’ve created a collection of heat-adhesive patches that you’ll love.

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