ELIS ELIS thermo-adhesive applications are VERY easy and quick to apply!

Just pay attention and follow these steps:

Set the iron to a “cotton” temperature and heat it up, avoiding the steam ironing function.

Place the patch on the garment where you want to apply it. Only use them on clothes or accessories that can be ironed.

Place a piece of cloth or a rag between the iron and the thermoadhesive patch. Iron the piece for 20 or 30 seconds, pressing down hard.

Once the piece is glued, turn the garment and iron on the other side for another 20 or 30 seconds. Make sure to place a piece of cloth or rag between the patch and the iron, while pressing firmly.

And after these simple steps, you're all set for your adventures!!

Here's your unique piece!

But beware: even if you’re dying to wear it, we recommend waiting until the garment is completely cold! Just wait a few minutes.


In the event that the thermoadhesive has not been completely adhered, repeat the ironing process.

If after a few days of applying the thermoadhesive, you notice that it comes off at some point, repeat the steps to make it look like new.