The Importance of Raising Eco-Conscious Children

Why educating your children and teaching them to save the planet is important for the environment and its future

Teaching our children to respect and care for the environment will give them the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, think about the future and maintain a healthier planet. Children need to know that the environment is the support of all life on our planet and the importance that their environment has for themselves, for their lives and for everything in it.

One of the biggest expenses when a new school year starts is clothing. Whether your sons or daughters wear uniforms or not, surely you have had to buy replacement shirts, sweaters, pants, etc. Instead of throwing away all of last year’s pieces, at ELIS ELIS we like to apply the principles of sustainable living: reduce, recycle and reuse.

At ELIS ELIS we believe in the magic of small gestures and, with our thermo-adhesive patches, we want to help you give new life to those used pieces. Make them unique, full of fantasy and more durable. We want to make the process of growing and caring for the planet easier for everyone. The Save The Planet collection is the collection designed for all children who want to help nature and those who help us spread messages about the importance of environmental awareness.

Here are 4 reasons why you should teach your children the importance of sustainability.


When you teach your children to protect the environment, you are giving them the opportunity to develop other aspects of good character. For example, when children learn to use the clothes inherited from their older siblings instead of throwing them away, they learn to save and give new life to them.


Sustainability helps the baby learn to be more empathetic. The world is not only made up of human beings. It is made up of all kinds of living beings, such as bees, whales, plants… and they are the most affected by the irresponsible actions of human beings.


They need to learn simple terms and concepts like “fair trade” and “organic” so they know that products don’t just mysteriously appear on store shelves. They must understand the importance of knowing where they come from, understand that many of them are made from materials and processes that affect the environment and that they must choose carefully what they want to consume.


Self learning

When you teach your children, you are inevitably teaching yourself as well. This is because we must first be informed and educated about sustainability before teaching and passing it on to our children. Be the example they need!

Now is the time, don’t think for a second that your actions don’t matter. The actions of each individual make a difference. We need a collective effort to fight climate change. We reduce our carbon footprint and teach the next generation to do the same. For us, for the future and for the place that is our home, the Earth. Make the planet proud!