Let's escape to nature and help the planet!

Have you noticed that when the cold is here, the forests around us look spectacular? The low temperatures and humidity make them good, which is why autumn and winter are the best times to visit these places and enjoy nature, with its characteristic colors and aromas!

At ELIS ELIS we want to suggest an activity that you can do the next time your family or friends take you on a nature outing. How about using the opportunity to take care of the planet by collecting the garbage you find on your way?

The procedure is very simple and even fun! All you have to do is follow the proposed route and stop to collect the waste you come across. If we come across items that are not typical of the forest such as bags, soda cans, empty bottles, plastics, pieces of clothing, papers or cigarette butts, all straight to the bag!

You can organize a challenge together to see how much rubbish you collect in one walk, or even be encouraged to compete to see who collects the most!

How should you dress?

To go out in the woods, you should always wear comfortable, warm clothes. We recommend that you wear a well-washed tracksuit or pants, as you will likely end up full of dirt and mud.

You need to put on some shoes or sneakers on your feet, and don’t forget to wear a nice warm jacket in case you get wet and cold. Oh, and very important too: adorn your neck with a scarf, it won’t disturb you and will protect you from getting a cold! 

What should you bring?

Before leaving home, prepare a few plastic bags that are easy to carry. This will be the place where you will place all the rubbish you find.

It is also advisable to wear latex gloves and tweezers. Since there is waste that we do not know where it came from, it is best not to touch it, it may not be clean enough to pick up with our hands. Watch out for glass and other debris that can cut, and don’t hurt yourself with branches or weeds!

What to do with trash?

At the end of the day you can stop in a spacious meadow to make a selection of the rubbish collected and put it in separate bags grouped by waste categories. It’s time to take stock and admire the work done! Congratulations!

Now all you have to do is go to the nearest recycling bins and dump the rubbish. Remember: yellow is for packaging, blue is for paper and cardboard, green is for glass, and everything else goes in the gray bin, which is a waste bin.

Why is it important to do this?

As you may have noticed after carrying out this activity, not everyone is as environmentally friendly as you are. It is essential to take care of nature because without it we wouldn’t be able to live, breathe or feed ourselves. We must always try to leave the places as we would like to find them, that’s why we suggest you help the planet with this valuable activity that will also make the walk more enjoyable for all those who will come later… for many more years!