How to prepare for back to school

Going back to school is quite an adventure for our children: seeing friends they haven’t seen for long, changing classrooms, teachers or simply going from one class to another.

Learning new things is already a challenge in itself and can sometimes lead to certain fears and concerns that some adults have been able to convey to them with apparently innocent phrases such as: “Now you should study, it will be very difficult”, “From now on they will put you a lot of homework” or a simple “This year you are going to make a lot of new friends”.

During the last days of vacation and the period of adaptation to the new course, it is convenient for families to try to talk with their children to make going back to school easier. The holidays have been intense days where many exciting things have been experienced!

It is important to talk to the creatures so that they explain to us what their fears are, without downplaying them, often the most insignificant change is the one that worries them the most. The fact of understanding and giving them security will help them feel supported in this new course.

The uncertainty of some changes can make the little ones feel restless. Going to see the school, or the playground even from the outside or detailing what the routines will be can be a good exercise to anticipate what they will find. If classmates have not met at a birthday party during the summer, meeting everyone in the park can be a good exercise for them to transmit the necessary calm between them.

The child may also conceive of a new course as a new opportunity to assert himself. If he or she helps adults to buy the necessary school supplies, they will be able to choose them to their liking. If they have a torn garment, it is the ideal time to fix it and personalize it with one of the Elis Elis thermo-adhesive patches. The “Back to the School” campaign will help you this time with a 25% discount, don’t miss it out!

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