Fruits and vegetables are basic foodstuff in our day to day, they come in all colours and shapes, they are delicious and provide us with many nutrients. Often, our consumption of fruits and vegetables is not adequate since we eat fewer pieces than we should, especially kids. At ELIS ELIS, we want to help you discover together a new world where fruits and vegetables are good and fun, do you dare?



Why are fruits and vegetables good for our health?

A healthy and balanced diet should contain 3 pieces of fruit and 2 of vegetables every day, since they provide us with the fibre, water, vitamins, and minerals necessary to protect our health and make us grow properly. Fibre helps us digest food better and reduce blood cholesterol levels; vitamins and minerals help us maintain an adequate state of health and well-being; they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that will protect our body and make us feel better, and their consumption will give us a great feeling of satiety, helping us to prevent diseases such as obesity and overweight.



And, they’re fun too!

Every fruit and every vegetable is unique. They can be orange, green, red, yellow, purple… large, small, round, oval, elongated, etc. The combinations that can be found are endless!

It is important that mealtime becomes an experience, therefore, we recommend you let your imagination flow and create original dishes to make meals the favourite moment of the little ones, and if they help you prepare them, even better. You can play with the pieces and create dishes with fun shapes: a flower made of strawberries, a banana, and kiwi palm tree, a grape snail… or eat vegetables of a certain colour every day of the week: on Mondays green vegetables, Tuesdays orange ones… it’s up to you!



Fruits and vegetables from ELIS ELIS

At ELIS ELIS we are aware of the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables, for this reason, we have created an entire collection to celebrate them, “Eat a rainbow!”. Sweet, salty, savoury, sour and juicy iron-on applications that will become the perfect accessory for your clothes.

Eat better, feel better and dress better with fruits and vegetables! Discover a world where eating healthy is fashionable, do it with our EAT A RAINBOW collection! From now on, bring your favourite fruit and vegetables with you. Do you feel like it?