Crafts to encourage children’s creativity this autumn

Get ready for the best season of the year with this collection of autumn crafts!

On September 23rd we enter the most orange season of the year, with its delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables, its ever-shortening days and its falling leaves. Take advantage of the things that are typical of this season to let your imagination run wild.

At Elis Elis we always want to be part of your most artistic side. That’s why we bring you some craft ideas, to enjoy this amazing season and be more creative than ever making beautiful things with everything that nature offers us: leaves, chestnuts… combining it with material that we can recycle at home and giving it a new life.

Let’s start with a fun and entertaining proposal, perfect for a long afternoon with family or friends. Go for a walk with the youngest members of the family to collect the material they will need to make the most beastly crafts.

1.Autumn masks with leaves

Collect large leaves from the ground and dry them. To press them you need some books that have a certain weight: put the leaves inside, one by one on different pages, and then put a lot of weight on top of them. After a few days, you can take them out and paint them however you like, creating different masks with your own unique design. Will you become a superhero? A villain? Or an animal?

2. Hedgehog with leaves collected after a walk

This is a good option if you have gone for a walk and have collected dry leaves, especially those with serrated edges. Draw the silhouette of the hedgehog on a piece of paper and cover the whole area of the body with leaves. Give it a rounded appearance and a proportional size to the animal. 

3. Autumn crafts with acorns

Acorns are a fantastic natural element for handicrafts. In our forests we can easily find this fruit which can be used to make wonderful crafts. Here are some very simple ideas that we can do with acorns. How many little animals can you make with them?

4. Drawing Halloween characters on stones

Painting stones can be a fun activity to do with the kids during rainy afternoons… Actually, crafting with stones is something original and something we rarely think about, when it’s a material we have at our disposal, easy and fun. What more could you ask for? Use your imagination and create the most terrifying stones for this Halloween!

5. Chestnut figures

Surely you’ve come across some chestnuts while walking down the street. You can take advantage of these walks to pick up a few and then make chestnut figures like these. Create any character you want, there are no limits! 

If you would like to share with us the images of your handicrafts we would love to see them!